Ornament with Sybil Tawse signature
Sybil Tawse
Painted Pottery Design for the National Exhibition at
South Kensington 1907, and other paintings and drawings



The Studio Yearbook of Decorative Art 1908

"The exhibition at South Kensington of the prize studies in the National Art Competition, although on the whole disappointing ... there is promise in another design for painted pottery by Miss Sybil Tawse of Sunderland, a bowl the inside of which is decorated with longhaired mermaids with extended arms linked together."
Sybil Tawse - Painted Bowl 1907

Painted pottery design for the National Exhibition at South Kensington, 1907.

Other early work 1906–1912

Sybil Tawse - Mr Peacock painting 1906

Mr. Peacock—Butterfly, 1906

Sybil Tawse - Cherubs painting 1906

Cherubs against a rocky shore, 1906

Sybil Tawse watercolour 1906

By —— Farm (title obscured), ca 1907

Sybil Tawse - The Rose 1908

The Rosebud, and below Lawn Tennis Ball, 1908
These watercolours were submitted by Sybil Tawse in 1908 for the book
The Rosebud and other Tales
by Arthur Kelly. They were not used. The
illustrations published were by Walter Crane. Courtesy Margaret Emerson.

 Sybil Tawse - Lawn Tennis Ball 1908

Sybil Tawse - Sunderland Library Circular 1910

Sybil Tawse - Sunderland Library Circular 1910

Sunderland Public Library Circular, 1910

Village Christmas - Sybil Tawse

Village Christmas, hand-painted lithograph ca 1910.

Following are better views of The Seasons, four hand-painted lithographs
dated 1911, included in The Ideal Home (1916) as plate 27, Nursery pictures.

Spring - Sybil Tawse


Summer - Sybil Tawse


Autumn - Sybil Tawse


Winter - Sybil Tawse



Portrait miniature of a lady, 1912

Autumn - Sybil-Tawse

Hand-painted lithograph titled Autumn, ca 1912.

Other various paintings and drawings

See additional work in Lithographs and paintings of biographical interest.

I Had a Little Nut Tree - Sybil Tawse

Stride & Son offered this undated illustration of I Had a Little Nut Tree at auction, but I have not located in what book it may have been published, if it was used.

Four Seasons 1926 - Sybil Tawse

Similarly, Lawrences Auctioneers offered this 1926 illustration of the four seasons, but if it was a book or magazine illustration I have not located the publication.


This small (12cm x 8cm) watercolour was sold at Bonhams in 2010.
The auctioneer's photo having the lot label.

Basketmaker - Sybil Tawse

These two drawings were sold at Bonhams in 2010. The auctioneer's photo.

Portrait of a Young Lady - Sybil Tawse

Portrait of a Young Lady, undated.

Spring Flowers 1930 - Sybil Tawse

Spring Flowers, 1930
Exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1932.


Artwork photographers unknown.