Ornament with Sybil Tawse signature
Sybil Tawse
Colour illustrations for Mother Goose
English nursery rhymes for children


Sybil Tawse - Mother Goose spine
Sybil Tawse - Mother Goose cover

George G. Harrap & Co Ltd, 1932
Large 8vo, 224pp
12 colour plates, illustrations in ink throughout

Sybil Tawse - Mother Goose

Mother Goose contains more that 200 drawings in ink of various sizes by
Sybil Tawse. In addition to this page of colour plates, there are four pages
each showing a selection of twenty-five ink illustrations from the book.
I also add the illustrated dust wrapper panels after the colour plates.

Sybil Tawse - Tom Tom the Pipers Son

Tom, Tom, was a piper's son
He learned to play when he was young.
     — Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son

Sybil Tawse - My Lady Wind

Remember what old Nurse has sung
Of busy Lady Wind.
     — My Lady Wind

Sybil Tawse - Ding Dong Bell

Who pulled her out?
Little Tommy Trout.
     — Ding Dong Bell

Sybil Tawse - My Pretty Maid

"Then I won't marry you, my pretty maid."
"Nobody asked you, sir," she said.
     — Where are you going to, my Pretty Maid?

Sybil Tawse - Making Candles Last

To make your candles last for aye,
Ye wives and maids give ear-o!
     — Making Candles Last

Sybil Tawse - Young Lambs to Sell

If I had as much money as I could tell,
I never would cry young lambs to sell.
     — Young Lambs to Sell

Sybil Tawse - Simple Simon

Simple Simon met a pie-man,
Going to the fair.
     — Simple Simon

Sybil Tawse - The Carrion Crow

Wife! oh wife! bring brandy in a spoon.
     — The Carrion Crow

Sybil Tawse - Jack and Jill

Dame Jill had the job to plaister his knob,
With vinegar and brown paper.
     — Jack and Jill

Sybil Tawse - Jack and Jill

The wheelbarrow broke, my wife got a fall,
Down tumbled wheelbarrow, little wife, and all.
     — When I was a Bachelor

Sybil Tawse - When I was a Bachelor

Queen Anne, Queen Anne, she sits in the sun,
As fair as the lily, as white as the swan.
     — Queen Anne

Sybil Tawse - Queen Anne

Hickety, pickety, my black hen,
She lays eggs for gentlemen.
     — Hickety, Pickety

Sybil Tawse - Mother Goose dustwrapper front

Mother Goose dustwrapper, front.

Sybil Tawse - Mother Goose dustwrapper back

Mother Goose dustwrapper (damaged), back.