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Sybil Tawse
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Sybil Tawse - Birth Index 1886

England & Wales, Civil Registration Birth Index, 1837–1915
Sybil Tawse born 26 September 1886, the fifth daughter
of George and Elizabeth Ann [Harrison] Tawse.

Sybil Tawse - Bishopwearmouth

Bishopwearmouth High Street West near the junction with Fawcett Street.

Sybil Tawse - 1891 England Census

The United Kingdom Census 1891
Sybil Tawse listed as Female, 4 years old, birthplace Sunderland,
Durham, England, in the civil parish of Bishop Wearmouth and the
ecclesiastical parish of Christchurch, living at Bishop Wearmouth, Durham.

Father: George Tawse (1849–1918) — 42 years old in 1891
Mother: Elizabeth Ann Tawse (1854–1949) — 37

Five sisters:
Catherine [Kate] Tawse (1873–1960) — 17
Florence Tawse (1876–1971) — 15
Gertrude Tawse (1881–1961) — 10
Gladys Tawse (1884–1967) — 7
Sybil Tawse (1886–1971) — 4

Elizabeth Ann Tawse was widowed when George passed away in Sunderland in 1918. In 1924 Elizabeth Ann was living with Gladys and Catherine at 7 Redcliffe Square, London. She passed away in Folkestone, Kent, early in 1949 at 95. She bequeathed her estate to Florence, with whom she was living, with Catherine, in Folkestone. Catherine passed away in Folkestone in November 1960.

In 1911, at 35, Florence was working as a governess for the 'Dixons' in Holton Le Moor, Lincoln. Then no public records until she passed away in Kent in January 1971.

In 1911, Gladys was living with Sybil in Kensington, shown in the Census as a jeweler. In 1918 Gladys enlisted in the Women's Royal Naval Service, then the war ended. From 1918 to 1926 Gladys lived in Chelsea with Sybil. After which Gladys apparently did some travelling, shown on a Peninsula and Orient Steam Navigation Company passenger list from Bombay, India to London in 1931; on a British India Steam Navigation Company list sailing from Calcutta to London in September 1934; and a P&O Steam Navigation Company list sailing from Yokohama, Japan to London in November 1936. Her profession then is shown as Store Matron, R.N. Hospital; in 1931 living nearby Florence in Kent, then in 1936 in St Petersburg Place in London.

Gertrude Tawse married Herbert Stafford Cothay (1881–1934) in 1907. They had two children, George Brian Stafford Cothay (1910–1983) and Elizabeth Stafford Cothay (1916–2010). She passed away in 1961 in Chichester, Sussex.

Sybil Tawse - 1901 England Census

The United Kingdom Census 1901
The family living in South Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland,
her father George now 52 and Sybil 14.

Sybil Tawse - Bishopswearmouth-Green-2016

Bishopwearmouth Green in Sunderland, in front of Sunderland Minster.
A Great North Snowdog sculpture was placed on the green in 2016.
Malc McDonald photo, Creative Commons.

Sybil Tawse - 1911 England Census

The United Kingdom Census 1911
Sybil Tawse, 24 years old, living with her sisters Gladys, 27,
and Catherine, 37, at 19 Gloucester Road, Kensington SW.
Sybil is shown as 'artist' and Gladys as 'working jeweller.'

Sybil Tawse - 19 Gloucester Road

19 Gloucester Road, Kensington SW, London today.

Sybil Tawse - 1915 Electors Register

Parliamentary Borough of Chelsea and
Administrative County of London Electors
, 1915
Sybil Tawse and her sister Gladys Tawse living at
'10 Lawrence Street from 19 Gloucester Road, S. Kensington.'
10 Lawrence Street is a 30 minute (1.3 mile) walk
from 19 Gloucester Road down Gloucester Road.

Sybil Tawse - 10 Lawrence Street

10 Lawrence Street SW3 today.

Sybil Tawse - 1918 Electors Register

Borough of Chelsea Register of Electors, 1918
Sybil Tawse and Gladys Tawse living at 44 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, London SW3.

Sybil Tawse - 44 Cheyne Walk

Sybil Tawse - 44 Cheyne Walk

44 Cheyne Walk SW3 today.

The listing at 44 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, remains the same in 1919, 1920, 1921,
and 1922. In 1923 the entries for Sybil and Gladys remain 44 Cheyne Walk, with '(abode, 7 Redcliffe Square)' added, which continues through 1925. Cheyne Walk with 'abode Redcliffe Square' remains in 1926, although Gladys is no longer shown living there; then continues for Sybil in 1927, 1928, and 1929. In 1930 and 1931, Sybil remains at 44 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, without the Redcliffe Square abode.

Sybil Tawse - 1924 Electors Register

Borough of Chelsea Register of Electors, 1924
In the 1924 register, Gladys Tawse is shown living with her mother,
Elizabeth Ann, and her sister Catherine at 7 Redcliffe Square SW10.
7 Redcliffe Square is a 25 minute (1.2 mile) walk
from 44 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, up Beaufort Street.

Sybil Tawse - 7 Redcliffe Square

7 Redcliffe Square SW10 today.

Sybil Tawse - 1924 Passenger List

U.K. and Ireland, Outward Passenger Lists, 1890-1960
On 11 February 1924 Miss Tawse was listed to sail from Southampton for
Port Said, Egypt, on board the Tjerimaï operated by Rotterdamsche
Lloyd Royal Mail Line. She was travelling with Elsie Margaret Lomax, who also
lived in the Chelsea area, in the 1938 London City Directory as an artist.
Her name is crossed out on the form, although six passengers
from Southampton are noted in the same red ink above.

Sybil Tawse - 1936 Electors Register

Cities of London and Westminster Register of Electors, Earls Court
Sybil Tawse living at 9 Alma Terrace, Earls Court,
London W8 in the registers for 1933, 1934, 1935, and 1936.

Sybil Tawse - 9 Alma Terrace

9 Alma Terrace W8 today.

Sybil Tawse - 1938 London City Directory

U.K., City and County Directories, 1766-1946
Miss Tawse was listed in a number of London City
directories as 'artist,' such as this published in 1938.

Sybil Tawse - 1939 Electors Register

1939 Register of England and Wales
Sybil Tawse, 'Artist (Painter),' unmarried, living
at 5 Cleveland Square, Paddington, London W2.
The same in the 1939 Lancaster Gate Electoral Register.

Sybil Tawse - 5 Cleveland Square

5 Cleveland Square W2 today.

Miss Tawse lived in Bath, Somerset during World War II (see
Artwork of Biographical Interest), returning to London about 1955.

Sybil Tawse - 1961 Electors Register

Cities of London and Westminster Register of Electors
Sybil Tawse living in a flat at 10 West Eaton Place, London SW1 in the
registers of electors for 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, and (at 75 years old) in 1960.

Sybil Tawse - 10 West Eaton Place

10 West Eaton Place SW1 today.

Sybil Tawse - Registration of Deaths

England & Wales, Civil Registration Death Index, 1916-2007 for 1971. Sybil Tawse of Narareth House, Lawrence Road, [Southsea] Portsmouth died 6th February, 1971.

Sybil Tawse - Laurence Road Southsea

Lawrence Road, Southsea today.

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